Reduce your empty trips automatically and immediately
Crédit Mutuel provides a secure payment solution
Trucknet Transport Optimization Solution Recognized by French Ministry of the Economy and Environmental Protection at COP 21
Make each transport a profitable transport

Reduce your empty journeys - An intelligent solution!

Perfect match
Trucknet's algorithms automatically find transport offers and requests that suit you and increase your profit potential.
Optimize your journeys
Connect your onboard telematics systems, and TMS to Trucknet safely to automatically send and receive proposals for your empty journeys.
Information at a glance

Access your information and reporting tools with a single click on Trucknet's easy-to-use dashboard.

Quickly visualize the number of trips you have made or subcontracted, the gains obtained, your work schedule for the coming days and of course the green kilometers earned by reducing your impact on the environment through the use of Trucknet.

Communication is the key
Trucknet puts you in touch and does not interfere with transport prices. You negotiate between carriers your rates and take the best offer for your company. The secured and secured transaction is made online on the platform with Crédit Mutuel-CIC bank.
Simplified transport management

Trucknet offers your company a schedule.

Plan your journeys by scheduling your vehicles and drivers via your telematics and Trucknet will optimize your returns or empty journeys by finding freight automatically. You will also locate your trucks or your freight at any time.

Geolocation set
You can manage your fleet with ease! Know where your trucks or freight are at all times, receive notifications ofdelays and completed deliveries. communicate with your drivers directly via the Trucknet 'driver interface' application.


Trucknet is spreading across Europe, get ahead of your competitors by joining our platform.
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How does Trucknet work?

1. Register
2. Post your offers
3. Automatic Match
4. Chat-conversation
5. Payment solution
6. CMR
7. Real time tracking